It may seem a little early for a Saison, but with all this springy weather we at the Fremont Bar disagree. That’s why we just brought in Peach Porch Lounger a Lips of Faith collaboration between musical talent and amateur home brewer G. Love and the New Belgium Brewing company. Brewed with Peach juice and ABV of 9% it is certainly for the adventuresome.

“Beers and front porch lounging with G. Love means peaches, hominy grits, molasses and lemon peel, all funked up with pale and biscuit malts in a saison for sipping. In three-part harmony enters a healthy dose of Brettanomyces to bring tropical, citrus flavors and bold, sweet nose. This foot-stomping beer pours a glowing orange under a fluffy, white head and grooves all the way to its dry finish. G. Love and New Belgium together, making sweet beer and music.”