The Minhas Micro Distillery is a spirit-making distiller owned and operated by the Minhas Family.  The distiller opened its doors back in 2012 in a little town of Monroe, Wisconsin.  The micro distiller produces all sorts of spirits ranging from rum, vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin, moonshine, and many more.  Customers from all over the world visit the Minhas Micro Distillery for their distillery tour where they learn the process of making the different alcoholic spirit products while at the same time being able to sample a wide range of Minhas’ products. The Minhas Family is internationally acclaimed and they are renowned for crafting fine spirits such as the Punjabi Club.  The Minhas take their roots back in India where they took a trip to trace back part of their ancestry, particularly their ancestry in the making of Moonshine.  As the family went for their visit to India, Moni Minhas, the father of Ravinder and Manjit, current owners of Minhas Micro Distillery, got to visit his old school where he exclaims, accidentally got his first taste of alcohol as the caretakers of the school were fermenting their own alcohol within the school ground at night.  Once he had his first taste, the told himself that he had to make alcohol. After their school visit, the family went to an area where their family has been perfecting the creation of moonshine for generations.  The ingredients their family use dates back centuries and as seen through the evaporation vessel that it has gotten its fair share of beating through the many years of making moonshine.  The moonshine that their family from India creates has an unforgettable taste.  Their secret ingredients are said to be dried rose, dried amla, ritha, shuara, karahi, malathi, sonf, and laichi, of which their quantity and ratio are undisclosed. There are many dangers related in the making of moonshine as stated by Ravinder Minhas.  Number 1, the vessel that you are using to boil and capture alcohol can blow up.  Number 2, the resulting concoction can be poisonous so it is very crucial that you are careful when making moonshine. After their visit and firsthand look in the traditional making of their family’s moonshine, they went to the Whiskey Temple for a visit and also to make an offering.  There is no religious thing about visiting the Whiskey Temple, says Moni Minhas, but more of like a group of believers who sing praises to Baba Rode Shah, the name in which the Whiskey Temple is named after.  Apparently, the funny thing is, according to Moni, Baba Rode Shah himself does not drink alcohol. After the family’s Whiskey Temple visit, the journey into Moni’s village for a glimpse into their father’s past.  Moni was born in Daroli Khurd, Pujab India and finished engineering there.  Moni says that his family has been there since the 12th century and that for 800 years their family have more or less lived there.  These days though it is different as even though many of his relatives comes from that particular village, nobody lives there now. Moni said that the Indian culture and beliefs are somewhat constricted and that his persona of freedom searching, independent thinking, and crazy personality does not really conform to Indian traditions.  His migration into North America has been a blessing as there he married Rani Minhas on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and had two children, Manjit (daughter) born in 1980, and Ravinder (son) born in 1982. The family, particularly Manjit was particularly happy with their visit as she got to see a part in his father’s life that she did not really know.  She said that it was an interesting and eye-opening experience as children do really not see their parents as having a life before them.  It has especially become more significant for her to see her father’s roots now that she also has a family herself.

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